You Are Stronger Than You Think

JJ Virgin
You Are Stronger Than You Think

This is a powerful movie (based off of JJ Virgin’s book "Miracle Mindset") that walks you through the story of her son’s near-death experience given only a 0.02% chance of living and how she stayed strong & positive so that in those hard moments she could focus on making the best decisions. It's a story of overcoming adversity, reaching your potential, and proving the nay-sayers wrong. She refused to listen to all the pessimism and decided instead to focus on what she wanted. Overall, it’s validation that "a strong, positive outlook can help you face and conquer life’s greatest challenges". Here’s a link to see it for free!

It’s an incredible story to witness and as you go through it, it becomes obvious that things wouldn't have ended up so great if it wasn’t for Virgin's ability to stay as focused and positive through everything. It’s proof that your thoughts and mindset really create your reality because, after all, they're what affect all the decisions and actions you make! In an extreme situation would you freeze up? Or would you be able to take charge and work to make the situation better? In every challenge, Virgin decided to see the opportunity instead since focusing on the negative doesn't do any help to change it!

I really enjoyed watching this movie because it’s a great reminder of the power you have when you let go of worry and fear and instead decide to focus your energy on what you want. If you can decide to take control over which emotions you allow in, you can turn fear-based adrenalin into bold, directed action. Virgin says that "things change when you start expecting miracles"…and you can guess that it’s probably a change in the right direction! 😜

If you like the movie and want to work on shaping your own mind to have a "miracle mindset" but need a little guidance, Virgin offers a "starter kit" she put together which is a small course focused on building a stronger, more positive mindset. Bless the people who provide us with resources to live happier 😄!! It comes with videos, a buncha helpful resources, and I’m pretty sure you even get her book! Check it out if you’re interested - she’s offering it at a discount right now for $24.95 :)

Did you watch the movie? Let’s talk! How do you keep a positive mindset through tough times?

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