Keeping beauty all natural

Keeping beauty all natural

I'm all about doing what I can to help my body function at it's best so I can live my best life possible to my fullest potential (corny but it's true). And I now know that if I keep my beauty routine as natural as possible and stay away from chemicals I'll look better, my body will perform better, I'll feel happier, healthier, and overall have a better quality of life. Trust me, the little things add up to have major effects!

I know that most natural beauty products come with a higher price, but there's a reason! High quality, sustainable, natural ingredients are more expensive to make and grow than low-quality products with cheap fillers and chemicals. And the effect this has on your skin and health makes a noticeable difference. This is why I started making my own natural products - you know you're getting the most natural product possible and it's WAY cheaper.


You know this is true because when you slather some lotion on your arms it doesn't just lay on top, it slowly gets absorbed into the skin until your arm is dry again. I'm sure you've heard before - and it's true - that your skin is your body's largest organ. It's living and breathing!

This means what's absorbed is ultimately going into your blood stream. So naturally, what you put on your skin is just as important as what you put in your body. It effects the well-being of the whole!


If you're mostly using products made with harmful chemicals, colors, and fragrances or have makeup on your skin most waking moments - your blocked pores can't breathe and not only are you adding more toxins but your skin can't properly remove toxins in the body or perform it's natural functions. This means more chemical and waste build-up in the body and duller, aged, unhealthy skin.

Chemicals also mess with your hormones which leads to a ton of negative symptoms like weight gain, mood swings, tiredness, and low libido. Chemicals are toxic to the body which = health issues.

Our skin is already defending our cells every day from free-radicals in the environment - pollution, pesticides, and chemicals accelerate this free-radical damage (skin aging) and prevent the body from functioning at it’s best. This has a huge impact on our appearance and how we feel.


Things straight from nature herself are what your body responds best to. It's like if you imagine eating a meal that's super nutritional full of plant-based, healthy foods and how good and energized you feel afterwards compared to eating some greasy pizza with ice cream for dessert - leaving you feeling heavy, bloated, and sluggish. It's the same for what you put on your skin! Natural is always better for the body and is healing.

Products made with chemical ingredients can be a good quick-fix, but they actually confuse your body and worsen the original concern over time - even making your body dependent on them. Once I started using oils in my skin care routine instead of chemical-filled cleansers that ultimately just dried out my skin, my skin totally cleared up and I started getting compliments on it's glow. I haven't looked back since!

I'll use chapstick as a simple example. Many lip balms contain toxic ingredients like parabens, petrolatum, chemical fragrances, and chemical colour dyes (the ChapStick brand has all of these!). Although they make your lips feel hydrated and smooth when applied, over time they dry out your lips even more and make them dependent on the product. A natural alternative like shea butter and aloe will actually go in and hydrate the cells - balancing and fixing the issue.

It may take a bit more time to see the effects using natural ingredients because they're not just a quick cover up. Good things take time!

Here's my oils cheat-sheet I refer back to every time I make a DIY to help choose which oils I'll use:
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Not only will you see noticeable physical effects from using natural products, but the emotional impact you'll get from feeling self-confident in your appearance is priceless. When you feel beautiful you're more confident in yourself, you want to be more active in life and get outside exploring, meeting people, and doing things. Caring and investing in your body will boost your overall physical AND emotional health.

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