Happier mind journal

Matt Mignona
Happier mind journal

This journal...what a game-changer! I'm almost finished mine and I'm definitely going to repurchase because it's made a noticeable difference in how productive I am, how driven I am to reach my goals, how focused, and honestly how happy I am. And it's so simple and enjoyable to do.

Since you write in it every morning AND every evening, you get a general review of each of your days and become more mindful of how you're living. Everyday you write down what your happiest moment was and so over time you'll start to see clearly what things make you the most happy and can push yourself to do more of that.


You start off with gratitude each morning - putting you in a happy, positive mindset. You get an inspiring quote and a positive affirmation and you make your own personal growth statement to kind of repeat in your mind throughout the day - positive psychology that you'll notice will start to change the way you think.


Both morning and evening you write out 5 goals (I like to write both work and personal goals - long and short-term) and the one main thing you want to accomplish that day which helps get you focused and motivated. I've been more driven to actually complete my goals since I now have a better sense of what they are and I'm writing them down twice a day. Seeing yourself slowly check off goals is super encouraging and even more motivating.


Each evening you rate your attitude, write down what your 3 greatest accomplishments were, and what you think you could have done better. But for my favourite part - you write down your happiest moment and memories from that moment - like what sounds there were, what you smelt, etc. so that you kind of replay it over in your head and feel it in your body to re-experience it.

Overall, having this whole morning ritual before starting your day just really sets you in more of a positive mindset...happy and grateful thinking...ready to tackle the day ahead, reach your goals and know really what you're living for and making sure you're in line with that. Plus you're ending the day on a happy and fulfilling note.


I love this part! It's such a force for growth. You look over the last 10 days and find what your greatest accomplishment was, what your happiest moment was, how was your sleep, your enthusiasm, your attitude, your personal growth and it really just makes you more aware of how you're living and what you want out of life. Then, naturally, you write what you want to achieve in the next 10 days. After this you have so much mental clarity that leads you to accomplish more of what you actually want and live happier.

Doing this every day I definitely find myself to be happier, more positive, more productive and driven. It's just a routine that I'm so happy I've incorporated into my life and I think it could really help anybody gain motivation and help change your habits to live more of the life that fulfills you.

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