Meditate, feel great 🙏

By now we've all heard of the endless list of benefits that meditation brings us. I find it easier to stick by my meditations when I've keep track of them and have some soothing music playing in the background.

It also really helps me to have a gentle reminder every 5 minutes to center me back in. So far my favourite app that I've found for (non-guided) meditating is Calm.

A few reasons it's my favourite:

  • At the end of your meditation it shows you an inspirational quote & your current meditation streak (ie. 4 days in a row).
  • It shows you a calendar & highlights the days you've meditated. This is a pretty helpful visual 😊.
  • You can change the background scene / music & do any guided meditation over any of the melodies - my fave is "suspended droplets".
  • Each of the themed guided meditations have different time lengths to choose from.
  • You can see your longest streak, total time meditating, & total sessions.

With the free version you can do several of the guided series, timed meditation, & (my personal fave) open-ended meditation which rings a bell every X minutes to remind you to stay present.

Try it out and see if it works for you :) Happy meditating!

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