Daily "notes from the universe"

Daily "notes from the universe"

TUT’s mission, as they say on their website, is “to remind us of life’s fundamental truths: that life is magical, we are powerful, and dreams really do come true." YES PLEASE. And these notes are actually FREE! 🎉

The notes from TUT are short reminders of life’s magic and your power in it to help push you towards realizing your dreams. They put things into perspective and help you to see the bigger picture. They’re free and sent to your email every weekday morning. EVERY DAY! Who doesn’t want a bit of free inspiration on the daily?? TUT’s mantra is “thoughts become things” 🙌 Sign up here if you'd like to receive them.

I really love these thoughts. They’re quite nice to wake up to - I look forward to them every morning! It helps to start the day off on a positive note. Reading TUT's daily notes gives me peace of mind and reminds me that I can do anything! After reading them, I feel a little more inspired, excited and hopeful for the day ahead of me. Ye-haw dreamers 🌈

I had randomly fallen upon these and now recommend them to, well, anyone really…. It’s easy to let the stress of life overwhelm you if you don’t have a constant reminder to help keep you on track. I’ve found this to be one of the most important things for a person who is working on self-growth and creating happiness - always be reading and learning and making healthy habits every day. Otherwise you kind of just forget everything you’ve learned and lose the progress you’ve made to train your mind to see positively.

Since you have no idea what the notes might look like, I’ll share with you a couple that I’ve gotten :)

Some notes I've received from TUT:

"Mikaela, you want what you want because you know it’s possible. If it wasn’t, you wouldn’t. This is powerful. Embrace it. For whatever else you believe or don’t believe, this belief alone can take you the distance.

And what you want wants you,
The Universe

Dreams don’t come that can’t be won, Mikaela."

"Mikaela, let’s pretend, just for today, all day long, throughout our every thought and decision, that life is easy, that everyone means well, and that time is on our side. Okay? And let’s pretend that we are loved beyond belief, that magic conspires on our behalf, and that nothing can ever hurt us without our consent. All right?

And if we like this game, Mikaela, we’ll play tomorrow as well, and the next day, and the next, and pretty soon, it won’t be a game at all, because life, for us, will become those things. Just as it’s become what it is today.

You’re getting warmer,
The Universe

Mikaela, thoughts become worlds, too."

"The best way to create more free time, Mikaela, is to take it. You'll see.

Love, love,
The Universe"

They almost have 1 million subscribers around the world and you can sign up here if you want to join in and get the notes too!

If you think you'd prefer to have hundreds of inspiring notes all together at once in the form of a book, maybe to read before bed or while relaxing on the beach 📖, they have 3 linked below.

Share with me your favourite TUT note that you've gotten in the comments below!

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