Makeup brush cleaner

Makeup brush cleaner

Hello lovelies! 🌸

So the other morning I woke up, looked in the mirror, and felt slightly unimpressed when I noticed some new pimples starting to pop up in weird places on my face they don’t usually…whyyyy! Then I realized that they were in exactly the spots that I swipe my makeup brush across. THEN I realized that I hadn’t cleaned my makeup brushes in like, 5 months. Guilty…. Now, I don't use my brushes every day but they were definitely being neglected.

This was a real-life learning experience that proved to me it’s so true that your brushes pick up dirt, bacteria, dead skin cells, oils and all that nasty stuff you don’t want to be putting onto your face. I guess I didn’t fully believe it could be that bad...cue the clogged pores, blackheads and acne!

To help keep your lovely skin healthy, clean and glowing you need to wash your makeup brushes regularly. This includes eyelash curlers, beauty blenders and the like. Plus, you’ll save 💲💲 in the long-haul because your brushes will last you longer! I now stick to cleaning my brushes at least once a month.

I’ll admit, I didn’t do this very regularly because I saw it as an annoyance and would usually forget…but this method is actually so simple and quick! *pst…you only need one ingredient* 😮 Plus, it’s actually kind of fun to see all the color come out of your brushes 😋


Here are the tools & ingredients you'll need:

Start by running your brush under lukewarm water to wet it.


Keep the bristles facing down and try not to totally submerge your brushes in water otherwise the bristles can start to loosen and fall out. Keep the base of the brush away from water to prevent this sad experience.

OKAY! You only need one ingredient for this and you have three options! So check your pantry and let’s go! You can either use olive oil, liquid Castile soap or a natural soap bar. It’s up to you! Olive oil is is going to condition your brushes because it’s so moisturizing, but I like how the Castile soap foams up 😛

Take your liquid of choice and pour out a small dollop onto the center of your palm (or onto a sponge) and work the brush into your hand (I massage it in circles). You’ll see the caked-on makeup come off. If you’re using a soap bar just massage the brush right onto the bar.

Once you feel you’ve really worked it 💃, wash your hand off and rinse the brush again under the water. Squeeze out the excess water and soap with your fingers. Repeat this soapy massage until the water runs clear.

See all that color still coming out!? ^

Now that your brush is clean *woohoo!*, give it a shake and lay it out on a clean towel to dry. I like to lay them out in the sun - they dry faster and I get some added bacteria-killing action from our yellow friend up there 😋

That’s it! Simple right? Get ready to see clean, glowing skin again :) Comment below and let us know what what you thought if you tried out this DIY! What soap do you prefer using to clean your brushes?

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