Daily skincare routine

Daily skincare routine

Having a daily routine for your skin is essential if you want it looking it's best 😌.

As the years go by, your skin is exposed more & more to free radicals (including stress, chemical products, illness, pollution) which cause accelerated aging. To keep skin looking healthy & even restore damaged skin, do these 4 steps daily.


Cleansing is always the first step! Before applying anything to your face, your pores should be clean so dirt from the day doesn't get trapped & your skin soaks in all the nutrients you're trying to feed it.

Saje's Zen Cleanse leaves your skin super soft & is the perfect size for travel. If you want to try oil cleansing, discover which oil would work best for your skin type with this free carrier oils guide.


1-3x per week, depending on skin type

This step is key for having the healthiest, smoothest skin possible! Exfoliating gets rid of buildup & removes the top layer of dead skin. It's super anti-aging & helps your skin look smoother, more youthful & gives that fresh, glowing appearance. Exfoliate for:

  • smoother skin
  • reduce chance of breakouts
  • minimize appearance of large pores
  • reduce appearance of dark spots
  • + your moisturizer will work better!

Without exfoliating regularly, your pores get clogged & so moisture will be blocked from those deeper layers. This can mean wrinkles & dull skin! It's also important to exfoliate your body. But don't exfoliate too often because it can be too rough on the skin.

Try Acure's brightening facial scrub that exfoliates with sea kelp & restores cells with stem cells.


1-3x per week, depending on skin type

Face masks can be made from all sorts of nourishing ingredients & so they'll each do something different for your skin. The different nutrients you'll be getting week to week will help your skin in some awesome way!

Try to make time for a weekly mask to keep skin nourished & young. It can be fun to switch it up each week & eventually find your favorites that work the most magic on your skin! Try making your own activated charcoal mask from only 4 ingredients.


After cleansing, toners give the skin a quick, refreshing boost. It acts like an extra primer step that rejuvenates & prepares the skin for the rest of your beauty routine so that each following step can really penetrate & be fully effective. Different toners help do slightly different things but here are a toner's main benefits:

  • further cleanse the skin & unclog pores
  • hydrate (key for wrinkle-free, healthy skin!)
  • shrink the appearance of large pores (keep your toner cool to amplify this benefit)
  • protect skin from environmental stressors
  • + many help to balance skin's pH

It's important to keep your toner natural - some toners are alcohol-based which is super drying. Your skin won't be able to soak in any of the nutrients you're trying to give it! Thayer's alcohol-free rose witch hazel is an effective toner for only $8.74.


A serum is a water based, concentrated product of a precise, dense blend of high-quality ingredients with a very targeted purpose. At first glance these little things may come at a hefty price, but if there's one step in your skincare routine to spend on (rather than DIY) it would be this one!

A serum's main goal is to hydrate. They penetrate deeply to deliver super nourishing, active ingredients that will give skin a fresher, younger & healthier appearance. Figure out your intention (to even skin-tone, reduce fine-lines, brighten & illuminate skin, etc.) & look for a serum infused with ingredients that target your specific concern.

Serum should be applied before your moisturizer so that it can fully absorb into the skin & since it's the most absorbed product in your routine, it's super important to keep it natural! With their concentrated formula a little will go a long way - they really pack a punch!

For the most simple DIY "serum" you can use aloe vera as it's super hydrating to the skin. If you're ready to pay for some real results, try Annmarie Gianni's Citrus Stem Cell Serum.


After exfoliating & brightening, now we'll protect all that goodness by moisturizing. A good natural moisturizer is either oil based (like grapeseed or jojoba) or cream based (like shea or cocoa butter). Choosing between the two simply depends on which you prefer the feeling of & what nutrients your skin is needing. Moisturizer is supposed to help keep your skin's oil production balanced so it's not too dry or super oily.

It might take some trial & error to find the moisturizer that works best with your skin. Click below to learn about which oils will work best with your skin type & needs.

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It's also a good idea to moisturize differently depending on time of day. For daytime use something with SPF to protect from sun damage. For nighttime use something more heavy-duty to deeply hydrate during the skin's regenerative process.

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