A picture of mika standing in a field of yellow flowers
A picture of mika standing in a field of yellow flowers
A picture of mika standing in a field of yellow flowers

Everyone deserves to live a healthy, abundant, vibrant lifestyle overflowing with joy

And every day I'm working towards this for myself. What I've learned is that happiness is truly an inside job and when we start to take care of ourselves, life becomes more magical.

Once we learn to give ourselves love & respect, endless possibilities rest at our fingertips. I'm trying to create the life I dream of, and by presenting everything I've used for my own growth in this space, I hope I can help you too ♥︎

My intention is to empower you to get the most out of life and live as your best, happiest self.

Most of us have no idea how GOOD we're designed to feel.

Imagine how beautiful this world would be if we all lived as the best versions of ourselves.

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You're alive. That means you have infinite potential. You can do anything, make anything, dream anything. If you change the world, the world will change.

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N. Gaiman
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I used to live with quite a different mindset than I currently do. I didn't love my body & instead of being grateful for it, I criticized & blamed it without taking responsibility for my health & weight.

I was on autopilot - reacting reflexively to things instead of consciously choosing my responses. I didn't see the lessons in the tough times I had gone through & took them on as scars. I let them fester in my body like poison - allowing them to affect my present & future negatively.

My belief system was shaped into one of low self-worth. As a powerless victim to my environment & circumstances, others easily affected how I felt. I had little self-confidence which led me to be • filled with worry of what others thought of me • unable to fully be myself • unable to voice my opinion • lacking love & respect for myself.

I was full of fear & since I was more comfortable running from it than facing it, fear controlled me. I shied away from opportunities & wouldn't put myself out there! I didn't think I could so I wouldn't even try - I never wandered from the bubble that kept me "safe".

Then, after a few consecutive incidents, I was introduced to a world of possibility, a whole different side of life. One of conscious creation 💫 I started meditating, practicing gratitude & self-love. I read affirmations and "faked it" to re-program my subconscious till I "made it" & my mind began to believe these thoughts I fed it!

I started to love & care for my body. Appreciating it & taking responsibility for the state it was in. Feeding it well till I began to feel better & more energized! Once I learned to appreciate all the colorful foods that grew straight from the earth, I started to love veggies! Hallelujah! 🙌

I forced myself to move towards fear & do things that scared me, opening so many doors for myself. Now I love the feeling of conquering fear! Feeling comfortable in my own skin I no longer felt like I was competing with others & jealousy began to melt away. I forced myself to stand tall with great posture & held my head high until I no longer felt awkward & unsafe, but actually confident!

I stopped taking things so personally & realized that others have their own past & problems that make them think & act the way they do, regardless of me. So I learned to forgive those who had hurt me to free myself & move on with my life, becoming grateful for the lessons they taught me.

Meditating brought me an awareness that allowed me to break down my limiting beliefs, becoming more mindful & conscious in how I was creating my day. You can't always change your environment but you can always control your thoughts. How you look at things & react is what determines the situation you're in & moves you from being a victim at the mercy of life back into the driver's seat.

With all of this, I was finally CREATING my life. I felt like I had woken up! I live so much happier & healthier now that I've learned to care about & take care of my body & mind. I want to give you the tools I used to create this change that I wish someone had shown me earlier on. I've seen the incredible difference they've made for me & would love to help you experience the same! My intention is to help anyone live just a bit happier :)

Honesty Statement

I carry my life values into this space. I truly care about giving total transparency & authenticity to you. Some posts do include affiliate links where I'm given a cut of your purchase. This is how I can keep the site running and everything on it free!

Anything that I promote on this site I truly support. I've used all this stuff myself.

I only affiliate with those who are aligned with my values & vision of holistic wellness.

I'm always open to hearing your thoughts & suggestions about Mikavibes.

"Trying to change social, national, or global realities without working on human consciousness means there is no serious intention" -SADHGURU

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